Johnson Controls


IBAS specializes in the service and installation of Johnson Controls systems. We also offer system upgrades and migration paths to bring your system up to speed with web-based technologies. We leverage a rich background in Johnson Controls system design and programming to deliver you a complete control system that addresses all of your needs. We also offer Iconics FacilityWorX systems to extend the functionality of your existing Johnson Controls system with Web-based technologies.



We offer complete programming, troubleshooting, and service for your existing Metasys system. We have years of experience with maintaining Metasys systems of all sizes and levels of complexity.We also support the Iconics FacilityWorX product to provide you with a web-based system that can talk directly to your NCM's or N30's. If you are considering updating your system to a new web-based system please contact us for more information.

Metasys devices that we support:

Facilitator, Companion, NCM, N30, DX-9100, VMA, VAV, UNT, M5 Workstation, M3 Workstation.

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Extended Metasys

Do you have a NAE system that you are having issues with? We offer programming and service to resolve any issues that may have been left for you by other contractors. We also provide service for the FEC product line.

Extended Metasys devices that we support:



Facility Explorer

Field Controllers

We provide support and development of Johnson Controls Facility Explorer systems. IBAS was an early adopter of the Facility Explorer control systems with the first release. We have several years of experience with the design, programming, debugging, and service with this product line. Facility Explorer provides a very powerful programming environment to take on the most difficult projects with a very intricate sequence of operation. FX Builder provides a fully customized programming space where you can develop custom assemblies, logic, and local operator displays. The FX field controllers can be put onto any Johnson controls system even old legacy systems like Facilitator, Companion, NCM, or N30.

Network Controllers

The Facility Explorer system utilizes the FX-20, FX-40, and FX-60 to provide a fully customized web-based control system. The system utilizes Tridium's Niagara AX platform to provide seamless integration into other control systems that may be present on site.

Facility Explorer devices supported:

FX20, FX40, FX60, FX Server, FX Bacnet Controllers, FX N2 Controllers, FX Lon Controllers





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